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Quick Cat II - Half Day Cruises

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Since 1987, Quick Cat have introduced and run full day, dawn and half day, Hervey Bay whale watching trips. It is no secret that the half day whale watching trip is the most popular trip as the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife statistics show.

With low to the water, fast vessel like Quick Cat II, they are way out in front carrying over 50% of the total passengers carried in past seasons.

Choose your Whale Watching Trip

They offer the most popular whale watching trip in Australia, the half day trip.
Departing 7.00am till 12 noon and again at 1.00pm till 5pm daily from mid July till early November.

Underwater Whale Watching

While humpback whales spend a lot of time on the surface they also spend most of their time under the water. Being able to watch whales under the surface is an awe inspiring sight.

Over the years they have developed underwater cameras that are not restricted to an area around the vessel, but can track the whale right to the ocean floor.

Live to air vision is beamed direct to on board monitors that allow passengers to view the action both on the surface and below the vessel at the same time. This vision is recorded live and available on video and CD for purchase.

Whale Watching