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Awesome Adventure - Half Day Cruises

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"that's Awesome" is capable of reducing travel time when compared to some of the fastest day vessels by up to an hour per trip. So the bulk of your whale-watching trip is with the whales, not getting there and back.

Be out there first with the whales. Enjoy the early morning cruise across the bay as the sunrise highlights its rays on Fraser Island's west coast. Enjoy the wildlife, birds, dugongs and dolphins as they wake up and make their way to their feeding grounds. Enjoy the whales as they prepare for another day in Hervey Bay's pristine waters, usually without another vessel in sight. Enjoy the beauty of Fraser Island as you head home, within feet of the beaches and coloured sand cliffs. Remembering the cruise on "that's Awesome" is half the fun.

Departs 7.00am Return 10.00am

Whale Watching

Spend some time looking for dingoes and other wildlife as you depart midmorning and head up along Fraser Island. This trip is designed to have you in the whale watching area as other vessels are just leaving the harbour and some of the slower vessels that left hours before are still making their way out. "that's Awesome" has the speed that can take you to areas where other vessels would not go so you can nearly always have "whales on your own". Enjoy the whales in remote areas such as Wathumba Creek and Rooney's Point. On the way home stop off at a few pods of whales that you passed on the way up and check out the many creeks that flow into the bay off Fraser Island. Now "that's Awesome"

Departs 10.30am Returns 1.30pm

Whale Watching

Setting off mid afternoon while other vessels are making the long journey back, "that's Awesome" will have you in the whale area in very quick time. Again, "whales on your own" is the guideline, but you're not going to go past a whale that is leaping out of the water. While we can't guarantee it, whales are known to become a little more active late in the day. As the afternoon progresses you may see sea birds heading for their nests or dolphins looking for their last feed of the day. On the way home is usually very special, as the sun lowers over the Bay waters in the west and "that's Awesome" has you cruising within metres of the beach of Fraser Island as the sun brings out the best of the coloured sand cliffs, maybe even a Dingo patrolling the beach. "that's Awesome"

Departs 2.30pm Returns 5.30pm

Whale Watching