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Tour information for Hervey Bay Whale Watching

Hervey Bay whale watching began over twenty years ago when a local fishing trip operator noticed that the number of southern humpback whales entering the calm waters of Hervey Bay was steadily increasing. He decided to run some whale watching tours along with his fishing charters. This proved to be so popular that the next season there were seven boats offering trips and the industry has grown from there. Humpback whales are a migratory species which spend their summers in the cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean, feeding on the massive concentrations of krill that abound there during the summer months. During the autumn they migrate north and spend the winter in much warmer waters where they calve and raise their young before repeating the exercise. As they migrate close to the Australian coastline they were prime targets for the whaling industry and in fact when the Moreton Island whaling station closed in the 1960s almost the entire population had been wiped out. It is estimated that only around 250 whales remained. Today the population has rebounded strongly and the recovery has been successful with over 10000 whales now making the annual migration.

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Hervey Bay is formed between the mainland and the northern end of Fraser Island and to the north of Fraser Island is a long shallow sand spit known as Breaksea Spit. Both of these combine to provide a huge well protected water way that is ideal for both boating and whales alike. Large numbers of Humpback whales enter Hervey Bay every year during the months from July through to November and the local whale watching fleet leaps into action to take up to 100000 visitors our to see and experience this fantastic spectacle. Over the years, the whales have become used to the boats and it is now common for the whales to approach the boats and often come almost within touching distance. During the later half of the whale watching season the most common visitors are nursing mothers with their calves and this is always of special interest to the whale watchers.

There are now around a dozen or so whale watching operators and you can choose from either a superfast short trip, a half day trip or a more leisurely three quarter or full day cruise. There is a choice of sailing catamarans, fast passenger ferries, or adrenaline pumping fast ribs. There will be one that will suit all of your requirements. These operators have all been operating for many years, some over 20, and are very experienced. They all offer guaranteed sightings or they will offer a free return trip. Scientific monitoring of the whales also continues on an annual basis and the Hervey Bay Marine Park now protects the whales and strict guidelines are in place to protect them. Hervey Bay certainly is the Whale watching capital of the world, so dont miss out on the best whale watching opportunity you can possibly experience.

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